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What’s on your bucketlist? Jumping out of a plane, backpacking in South America, run a marathon? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to visit a real classical music concert? Losing yourself in the timeless sounds of world famous composers? We’ve curated the classical music bucketlist just for you: these are musthears!


Classical music is awesome. Hearing a symphony orchestra perform live, gives you goosebumps. More than 50 musicians, sometimes more than 100, are playing live music just for you. Maybe you’re an experienced listener, maybe you’re going to visit a classical music concert for the first time in your life. It doesn’t matter, the Bucketlist Concerts are for everyone who wants to enjoy a night out. With the Bucketlist Concerts, the philharmonie zuidnederland presents its concerts with their own look&feel but without changing anything about the original concert. It’s classical music just the way it is: beautiful, overwhelming, relaxing, intense, etcetera.


The philharmonie zuidnederland is one of the biggest symphony orchestra’s in the Netherlands with more than 100 professional musicians: strings, brass instruments, woodwinds and percussion instruments. The orchestra mainly plays in the provinces Limburg and Brabant, but also in other parts of the Netherlands and abroad. From Beethoven to Bach, from Mozart to 21st century-composers, you can experience the entire classical music history with us!


The studio that executed the ‘bucketlist’ campaign is a long term partner of the philharmonie zuidnederland. Based in Venlo, Luidspreker is an agency specializing in creative campaign strategies and design. Convinced that classical music, performed by passionate musicians appeals to any age, with a little motivation! This is why they are not only involved but sponsor the series. Interested in the creative story behind the bucketlist? Read it here (Dutch only).


Last season we had our Bucketlist Concerts kickoff with four concerts:

  • The Turangalila Symphony by composer Messiaen, an impressive peace you can’t enjoy live very often.
  • Romeo & Juliet by composer Prokofjev, the perfect date night with energetic, beautiful music about the most famous lovestory ever written.
  • The Symphony Fantastique by composer Berlioz: the name says it all: awesome symphony played by more than 100 musicians.
  • Beethoven’s Fifth: the most famous composition by the most famous composer.
    Check our video The making of to see how we turned beautiful young ladies into world-famous composers!

Check our video The making of to see how we turned beautiful young ladies into world-famous composers!


Special thanks to: Luidspreker, Simac, CityCinema Venlo, Crossbox Venlo, Five Guys, Opera Zuid, Kasteel Heeze, Ellis Regina Jansen, Lotte Valks.