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Q & A

Looking for tips and advice about your outfit, where to get tickets, when to clap, etcetera? Check our Q&A. 

What to wear to a classical music concert?
A classic night out calls for a classic outfit! Wear whatever you like but it’s a perfect opportunity to dress up. Shine those shoes, iron that shirt, put that hair up. Time to get fancy!
Is talking allowed during a concert?
Try to keep your mouth shut during the music, if you have to talk, stick to compliments. You’ll appreciate it too.
Can I use my cell phone?

Slippery slopes. Use your phone with moderation. Take a selfie, share a post but keep it minimal. Enjoy the show! Except for the Wolfgang App, we love that! But seriously. At least turn the sound off. 

When can I start clapping?
Clap vigorously, clap often and own it. If you’re not sure when, just don’t go first.
Where’s the bar?
Getting thirsty? There’s no ‘bar’ here, that’s called a ‘foyer. Let that ‘er’ role of that tongue.. #protip order something French. Stay suave, stay hydrated. Have an olive.
What to expect in a theatre?

Scan your ticket when you enter the building, put away your jacket and have a drink. Classical music concerts start strictly on time so don’t be late. Look for your seatnumber on your ticket and ask a volunteer to help you find it.

Where and when can I visit a Bucketlist Concert?

Visit a concert in Muziekgebouw Eindhoven or Theater aan het Vrijthof in Maastricht. Find more info on how to get there by clicking below:

Muziekgebouw Eindhoven:
Theater aan het Vrijthof:

Where can I buy my tickets?

Choose which concert you want to visit and click on the ‘tickets’ button. You will go to the webpage of either Muziekgebouw Eindhoven or Theater aan het Vrijthof Maastricht. Ofcourse, it’s also possible to buy your tickets at the desk of both theatres, until the very last moment.

Why are theatre seats red?

For centuries, Italy was the center of opera performances and their opera houses were primarily red and gold. Throughout the rest of Europe they used the same colour palette.

More importantly, the red colour has to do with science: once the house lights are dimmed, the red colour will be the first to disappear from our sight. Because of that, the theatre becomes more darker.